Francine and Glenn

This is my beautiful Rosary Story on how I met my wonderful husband. After my spiritual conversion in the year 2000, I stared praying the Holy Rosary daily to find my true love. Because I was married previously (before my conversion) I wanted to meet the right guy that God had planned for me. My first husband was not a bad one, just not the right one.

Every Sunday I would go to Mass early so I could pray my Rosary asking God to send me the right guy. And I said to the Lord, “Lord, I want him to come from you”. My parish at that time was St. Therese. This does not surprise me because she was the saint that interceded for me for my conversion. While praying my Rosary I would always see a man come in the church on the opposite side about the same time that I did. He always knelt in front of the Blessed Sacrament to pray before he sat down.

How We Finally Met

For two years we both came in the church about the same time and were praying. After two years of praying and not meeting anyone, I decided to join the singles group in my parish. The woman (Anne) who was leading the group mentioned to me that a man was coming to the group but stopped because there was no one around his age. She explained to me what this man looked like and what Mass he attended. Well, I immediately knew who he was and I said, “yes he does come to my Mass”.

Easter was just around the corner, so Anne decided she was going to come to the Easter morning Mass and introduce him to me. Well, sure enough, Glenn (now my husband) came into the church on Easter morning and sat in his usually spot. After Mass Ann took me over to meet Glenn. The thought that kept running through my head as I was walking over to meet Glenn was, “Lord, I want him to come from you”. The minute we met I knew that he was special and that this was the “right guy” for me!

The Lord answered my prayer through praying the Holy Rosary! The Blessed Mother is our Heavenly Mother and the greatest intercessor before her son Jesus. I’m so blessed and grateful every day for my husband and what a gift meeting him on Easter morning!

BTW my husband was praying for someone to bring him closer to Jesus. Do you think the Lord answered his prayer TOO??? 😊

The rest is history……

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