Teaching Children About The Brown Scapular Of Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel And The Rosary Prayer

Bringing Children Closer To Jesus And The Blessed Virgin Mary

There is a great need in our society today to bring children closer to Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and the Rosary Prayer have been around for centuries and through the years has fallen away from the Catholic Church. Years ago, children were given a Rosary and a Brown Scapular on their First Holy Communion. Today, if they know what the Rosary Prayer is or how to say the Hail Mary they are blessed.

Most children are not being taught these devotions (even in some of the Catholic schools) or how to pray the Rosary and don’t have a clue about The Brown Scapular.

I Was Inspired To Assist In Educating Children About These Two Beautiful Devotions

After my spiritual conversion and my entrance into Carmel, the Holy Spirt inspired me.  I was moved to write a children’s coloring book teaching them about these two beautiful devotions that are much needed in our society today. The Little Brown Scapular Coloring Book, The Story, Miracles, and the Rosary Prayer came into existence in the year 2018. It took me two years until completion with a lot of help from Our Lady and Heaven. 

This book will teach your children the origin, the benefits you get by wearing it and the miracles. In addition, your children will have fun coloring the rosary beads while learning the Rosary Prayer. I also included the fruits of the mysteries of the Rosary Prayer. Each book comes with a child size Brown Scapular and a glow in the dark Rosary.

Teaching Children About The Brown Scapular & Rosary Is Very Important

Teaching children about the Brown Scapular and the Rosary is very important for a number of reasons.  Below, I will discuss how I spread the word and give presentations both in person and online with the help of technology.

I Give Presentations To Anyone Who Wants To Know More About These Devotions

In addition to this, I give presentations to parishes, Catholic schools, Faith Formations classes, Rosary groups, prayer groups, and basically anyone who wants to know more about these devotions. I did a presentation recently to a 2nd grade class at a Catholic school in Ohio.  It was a wonderful experience and worked out beautifully. The school scheduled a zoom meeting with me after a parishioner purchased the books on my website (www.thelittlebrownscapularcoloringbook.com).  This is something I thoroughly enjoyed doing and felt that it worked out very well.

The kids were very engaged and after my presentation their pastor enrolled them into the Brown Scapular. It brought me so much joy to do this and I hope to do more of this work, especially if distance is an issue.

Please Reach Out To Me If You Want More Information

So, if you are thinking about engaging in these devotions don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Whether you are the Director of the Faith Formation, parishioner, or anyone else, it’s a great way to introduce your children or the children of your parish to these devotions.  This is especially true since it’s so very much needed today for our children’s spiritual growth and protection.

I Can Also Present To Adult Groups

In addition, if you are looking for a presentation for adults, I also can provide you with that as well. I have adult size Brown Scapulars. Each Scapular comes with a Scapular leaflet, Rosary and a guide on how to pray the Rosary. All the Brown Scapulars are handmade, and are a 3rd class relic that were touched by a 1st class relic of St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Faustina of the Divine Mercy, St. Padre Pio, and a 2nd class relic of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. They are very durable and will last you a long time.


 I am looking to spread these devotions to more diocese in my own state of NJ and other states as well. Even if you are in another country, don’t let that stop you. If you feel inspired by the Holy Spirit, I would love to speak to you. If you are a Secular Carmelite, (but not necessary) and your community is looking for a community apostolate this is a perfect opportunity for you. Even if your community has an apostolate already but you feel that the Holy Spirit is calling you as an individual to this than that’s fine too. There is absolutely NO pressure if you decided to volunteer. This is something you can do at your own pace and devote as much time as you are called to do so. 

May God Bless you and looking forward to speaking with anyone who feels they are being called to this ministry.

Until next time.

Much Love and Prayers,

Francine Calabrese, OCDS

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